People of virtually any age can enjoy playing sports. From children participating in park programs to students playing on school teams, youngsters often enjoy
the experience of playing various types of sports. Adults might enjoy participating in sports or just watching their favorite teams play games. Regardless of age
or skill level, it's important to observe specific guidelines for safety and wellness when engaging in sports activities.
Concussion FAQs: The Brain Injury Association of North Carolina provides information about concussion injuries.
Traumatic Brain Injury Resources: Explore useful links about traumatic brain injuries to learn about both short-term and long-term impacts of these injuries.
Brain Injury Information: Brain injuries can occur from sports accidents. People might experience significant brain damage from this type of injury.
Recommended Links: A health-care professional shares links and recommended book titles about brain injury and natural medicine.
Safety information and Resources to Save on Tickets: Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia provides a resource list to assist people with brain injuries.
Brain Injury Association of North Bay: An online community is available to provide information and support for anyone who has experienced a brain injury.
Concussion Links: Learn about concussions and their treatment by visiting links included in this resource list.
Concussion Training: Many sports programs require players and parents to participate in a concussion training program.

Brain injuries are a risk for people participating in some sports. Some types of sports involve contact with other players or contact with balls. Baseball, football,
basketball, and hockey are examples of potentially dangerous sporting activities that could lead to a concussion or traumatic brain injury. Players should wear
special gear to protect themselves from injuries. It's also helpful for players to participate in special classes or seminars to learn how to avoid injuries. These
classes can also educate people about common injuries and the best way to respond if they occur.

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