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The Julia Lowell Room
Featured on Ghost Hunters and named after one of their resident ghosts, a former “Lady of the Evening”, this room has a queen bed
and is decorated in the
style of an upscale turn of the century bordello.  Amenities unique to this room are a DVD player and a
DVD of the Ghost Hunters episode in which it was featured.
The bathroom in this room has a standard bath/shower.
The second ghost of the hotel is perhaps the most famous, a female in her early thirties by the name of Julia Lowell. The story goes that she was a lady of
the evening on Brewery Gulch and used the rooms in the hotel for her clients. She supposedly fell madly in love with one of the gentlemen and upon
telling him, he no longer wanted anything to do with her. There would be no shopping for
mens wedding bands or women's engagement rings for Julia.
Instead she was left alone, desolate, and
lost in her room. She then took her own life here at the hotel. Her presence is felt on the west side of the
building on the second and third floors.  Some men have reported that they hear a female voice whispering in their ear. Sometimes she’s seen dancing
provocatively at the foot of the bed and it’s said that she likes to play with men’s feet. Others claim that she appears in the shape of a bright white
smoke. The Hotel pays tribute to her here at the Copper Queen Hotel by naming a room
(in the area where she practiced her profession) the “Julia Lowell Room”.
Bisbee, Arizona

ROOM 315